Can't get it started? Not working? Not performing correctly?

  • Some issues are harder to fix than others.

  • Drone software especially can often become unstable if the drone can not find or determine the parameters. ie. Geo-location info

  • Below are a number of video tutorials which cover many of the common issues we see that operators can easily fix.

  • If an error message presents on the device or screen please include it in the description field to the right of this text when reporting the error.

  • Our goal is to have all software issues fixed with 24 hours. Unfortunately we can not make this promise for broken, damaged or failed items that need replacement parts. We carry a large technical inventory in stock but 5-7 days may be needed for replacement parts to arrive.

  • We may be able to supply you with replacement products until yours is fixed.

  • Please inform us of any time pressures on the repair schedule in the form to the right of this text.

    Thank you

    AIGRO Tech Gurus

Contact Support

Thank you we will be in contact within 24 hours. If you require immediate assistance please phone 027 388 0702