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             Approval and licensing to operate a spray drone is the same as helicopter spraying, aerial topdressing or operating current air-blast or ground sprayer equipment. Both the operator, location/business and the equipment need to be certified and or assessed

            The assessment standard is similar to current Growsafe courses that many agricultural employee/employers hold, with the addition of a practical flying test as part of the 102 drone pilots license. Applicants should have 20 hours experience or more operating a drone with similar controls to the drone they will be operating commercially.

The process in order is currently;

Growsafe Certificate

Certified Handler Certificate

These are the standard qualifications for anyone handling or applying agrichemicals in New Zealand. Contact your nearest polytechnic for times and dates for these courses

102 Heavy Drone Pilots License

This is the CAA approved pilots licence for opertaing drones either, commercially of any size, and or drones/UAVs over 24kg. If the drone has a payload (ie 20L tank) then this is included in the 24kg as full (so 20kg drone is under, but with a 10L spray tank = 30kg total, needs a licence. The CAA regulations are here   https://www.aviation.govt.nz/drones/ The list of 141 certified training and assesment providers is here https://www.aviation.govt.nz/drones/training-to-fly-unmanned-aircraft/  We use Aviation Safety Management Systems (ASMS) link to their website is here  http://www.uav-training.co.nz/ 

Pilot Chemical Rating

UAV Agricultural Rating

JT series -Electric Sprayer Drones

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Now assessed for New Zealand and available to purchase. The JT series agri-spray drones combine fully autonomous  functionality, obstacle avoidance and ground sensing radar with a solid simple design. Repairs and sevicing carried out in New Zealand usually with same day turnaround

JT 606-20L Maximum efficency electric sprayer drone from

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The 606-20L is the model we use for our contractors nationwide. Extra spray capacity while still powered only by electricity gives a highly efficient solution to any spraying needs. 

10L-606 Small spray drone 

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The 10L-606 is a smaller drone with a just over 1.5m tip to tip width. Ideal for covered crop areas, strawberry and blueberry netted blocks and other production areas where space is at a premium. 200mm accuracy with full autonomous functionality