Grow your BRAND as well

as you grow

your produce

Over 30 years as a grower I have seen the companies who focused on their branding, sales and identity constantly outperform growers who were often producing better quality produce. We have access to young marketers who can help you to develop your image, branding and target markets

and forge new sales at

premium prices. The

cost of operating

your own website

for a year is less

than the cost of a

couple of hectares

of spray...

  • Identity and Brand development
    who are you and why are you different?


  • Market research and target markets
    what do different market segments value and what is the spend of each of those segments


  • Website design and development
    from as little as NZ$600


  • Website management and optimization
    from as little as NZ$250/year


  • Social Media and YouTube profiles and promotion
    Content production, profile linking, Google adwords, so much available at minimal cost


  • Web traffic optimization and traffic value

  • Analytics

  • Conventional advertising production and consulting

  • Staff vetting and contracted HR services


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