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AIGRO-Artificially Intelligent Growing specializes in leading edge farm automation and intelligent processes. We contract and sell the latest in autonomous spray drone technology and electric lightweight tractors to automate large scale mowing, land care, spraying and aerial dispersal technology.


We are constantly striving to bring savings to our customers through the latest in innovative products from around the world and some home grown kiwi magic. Our focus is always on dependable equipment that saves real world money and efficiency gains for both ourselves and our customers.  

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Product Development News

AIGRO have now a supply agreement with US based DirectedMachines

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AIGRO are pleased to announce that we will have a 45hp model fully autonomous tractor unit available for demonstration in late January. These fully electric units can mow and weed-spray simultaneously at a speed of up to 5.5km/h, with a work cycle of 7.5-9on/4hours charging. this will allow owners to gain two workday cycles in a 24 hour period without the need for a human driver.

Directed machines are a world leader in autonomous farm machinery and have an impressive pedigree in robotics and electronic controls. We will be demonstrating this tractor unit in January and Febuary around the country at locations to be advised. Check out the video below of the 27hp unit in action

T-series (spray) Drone  compliance

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The NZ CAA has now advised us that it may take up to 9 months for us to gain full compliance for our T-series agri-spray drones.  This is a major change from previous expectations.

Because of this we have now vastly expanded our application to include almost all conceivable agricultural applications including night spraying, autonomous refilling, fertiliser spreading, and a host of other functions.

We will still be able to demonstrate function and effectiveness from late Jan onwards but only with the 10L drone with water/indicator.

I will prepare a mail-out after Christmas to update everyone on progress and ETA dates.

The Small Robot Company "per plant" Management


We are currently in discussions with The Small Robot Company in England. TSRC supply per plant robots for lazer weeding fertilizing and spraying applications. High level AI programs identify plants and weeds and target on a per plant, rather than a per area basis saving 90% or more of chemical costs and eliminating the need for selective herbicides. For organic growers these robots are an absolute game changer.

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Commercial Drone Sales, training and Support.

Spray, monitor, frost-fight, map and

manage. Our experienced pilots advise, model selection and firmware advice,

- pilot and safety training,programming and installation functions.

website design, social media management

- Design, Build, maintain and optimise websites.,

- Build and maintain Ecommerce profiles and Outlets

- Social media reach and targeting

- Online HR support-Attract top quality seasonal and permanent staff, vetting, workplace drug and alcohol testing

fruit and vegetable auction

New Zealands leading fresh produce auction site. List products for sale or auction.Market your produce to NZ and the world with Fava. Free classified ads and online stores available for Growers and producers

Automation and Efficiency Projects

Design, Build, Install, Program-irrigation automation, packing

shed tasks, gate, security, quality control functions

Cost effective automated electric tractors are now an economic reality for many farms in New Zealand. We are pleased to have secured a supply agreement with a major US based innovator and will have a demonstrator model available in late January.

electric farm vehicles

Electric Farm Vehicles

We have access to a wide range of electric two and four wheel motorbikes, Automatic electric lawnmowers, carry and lift solutions. Retro fitting of existing petrol or diesel equipment.

AIGRO Product Development

AI farming data collective
P2P lending for farmers
fruit and vegetable auction online

AIGRO AI Data Co-op

Our aim at AIGRO is to bring NZ farming into the future for less.

Our AI Data plan involves NZ farmers using cheap "hat-cams" worn by staff to capture repetitive decision making processes and extract the reasoning behind the choice. Growers can easily (its time consuming) collect the footage, add in the appropriate decision rules and then gain control of the data used for making AI learning/teaching protocols. IF you own the data, when the robotics/processing is available you are ready to go(in theory) ALL FOR $50 STARTING COSTS

- P2F Lending platform

AIGRO is currently developing a Peer-to-Peer lending platform to help farmers finance their operations both in the long and shorted term.

Farming is an ethical business to invest in, backed with physical assets and land. We hope that we can save farmers major interest charges and connect them to ethical thinking lenders who want fair returns for lending to industry that is both secure and ethical. NO MORE $5000plus COSTS JUST TO REFINANCE SMALL LOANS

FAVA is now operating or under development in a number of different countries around the world. We are working with NZ MIBE and MFAT to allow NZ FAVA to join into the now rapidly expanding international markets. FAVA Australia is due to open in February 2021. It is our hope that FAVA will be export capable for direct international volume orders by the start of the 2021/22 season. Updates will be posted HERE and on the website information section

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JoyanceTech T20-606 Spray drone

  This drone is capable of spraying 9-11ha of Orchard per hour"- autonomously

Full Package,
including mapping, flight path, rates and area setup and pilot training only

$36 000